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A World of Possibilities

Wrapsies has gone global – Denise Dawson, a busy, sports loving mum observed the struggles of children and adults alike as they dried and changed in public changing areas. The humble towel was being challenged daily and found wanting. Denise had discovered a universal problem, found the solution and commenced a journey to bring it to the world. Turning frustrations into freedom, Wrapsies was born.

Running production out of her own living room in the early years, Denise presented her new Wrapsies at numerous trade shows to gauge people’s reactions. Denise sold out at every show and knew she had something special on her hands. Fast forward 3 years and Denise and her team are sending Wrapsies all over the globe.

“We didn’t set out to revolutionise the way people get changed, but we’re having quite the impact”

Denise Dawson CEO Wrapsies Ltd.


Wrapsies deliver…

Wrapsies are designed to encourage independence, boost body confidence and keep kids active at every age (yes, big kids and those of you who are kids at heart, we’re talking to you too!). From swimming and playing sports to beach time and even after bath chill time, Wrapsies are the perfect companion for the way we live today. Bright, colorful and built stronger to last longer, there is a Wrapsie for everyone and for every activity.
Wrapsies are quickly becoming a product that parents and children can’t do without, a perfect present for any one into swimming, team sports or outdoor activities. So throw in the towel and let Wrapsies give you the freedom to run, jump, dance and strut your stuff with confidence.

Towels are boring. Wear a Wrapsie.