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Irish Mammy’s 15 Minute Workout

Only too happy to give you a feel for what I go through on Friday evenings after a long week at work!!!

Here it goes……… 

I have 2 daughters, ages 7 & 5, who go to swimming lessons every Friday evening 7pm-8pm in Rockwell college, just what every parent needs on Friday night after working all week when I should be looking forward to a relaxing evening with a glass of wine! The stress for me starts as soon as I walk into the changing room, believe me this is the easy part, my girls have their swimsuit on under their clothes so this part is quick & easy but when I look around at the other parents who have been on the 6pm-7pm slot that’s when the stress takes over! My friend uses the early slot & she has 4 kids & when I look at her with her kids manoeuvring & battling the changing routine it brings out a cold sweat in me. She puts them all in the one shower cubicle & then they are like octopuses trying to cover themselves, get themselves washed & also get the swimsuits off & the towels on as quickly as possible!!! My friend is at this stage puce & the worst has yet to come. They all traipse into the changing room, the smallest 2 stand on the benches & the older 2 are on the ground, the towels are falling on the ground getting drenched on the wet floor because it is impossible to dry yourself & make sure your body is covered at all times!!! My friend is getting cross with them & then every so often 1 of them will have hit off another 1 & they are all bickering & pushing & shoving… this stage I leave as I can’t cope anymore.


I then go out for a walk to clear my head before it’s my turn to face the music…….at 7:55pm I gather myself in the changing room with all the mothers like warriors waiting to go to battle!! And then it begins……I call it my 15 minute workout & believe me Conor McGreggor wouldn’t sweat as much at his workouts as I do in those 15 mins. My girls are fighting for a spot that is closest to me so as they can hide behind me in case any bit of their body is on show. All at once I am expected to hold up 2 towels in front of them to cover them from view, the heat in the room is stifling that I almost feel like stripping off myself & could care less who saw me!! At this stage the towels have fallen around 10 times, are wet & the 7 yr old is looking at me with pure disgust that I would even suggest that she puts on her top without having a towel around her while I try to dry off the 5 yr old. While in the horrors of it all I turn to see a poor father with his son & daughter looking so red in the face that I do think sometimes he will combust, that poor man is battling with 2 different species & he is still only ever at the undressing stage when I am going out the door so for him its probably a half hour workout!


When we are all dressed & ready to go & I look like I have been dragged through a ditch backwards, we head out to the car where my wonderful husband is sitting waiting to drive us home after having an hour to himself & phone….he looks at me as if I had 10 heads & says what could possibly be so stressful about changing a child after swimming…..”it must be the walk that has made your face all red!!!” At that we head into Cashel for chips, I think I deserve it after my long walk!!