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5 swimming bag hacks for kids

Packing a swimming bag can be a bit of a drag, regardless of whether it’s for swimming lessons, a play date or a trip to the beach. There are so many things to pack, so many things to remember and at the end of the day, so much mess! We thought that we would make things a whole lot easier for you with 4 kids swimming bag hacks, a sure fire way to make the whole process a whole lot less stressful.


  • Take two bags: this sounds a bit nuts, aren’t we supposed to be helping you simplify things? Here’s the trick – put the smaller of the two bags inside the bigger one. When you are ready to pack up and leave and your kids have 3958530 wet items, pop those into the smaller bag so that when you get home, you can just chuck that entire load into your washing machine. How much easier is that?!
  • Try to find two in one products: something like a Wrapsie is an absolute space and time saver – it’s so much better than a towel, it’s a cover up as well! The elasticised neck and armholes mean that your kids can wear them after they’re finished swimming and want to run around to burn off some extra energy. Plus they can also be used to change underneath if you are in a public place which saves you the effort of running around, looking for a restroom.
  • Make your mobile phone waterproof: this tip is more for you them because let’s face it, wet toddler hands and mobile phones don’t go together. It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is pop your phone into a plastic ziplock bag. This way, you can still see what’s going on and use your phone, without it going for a swim of its own.
  • Baby powder is a beach bag essential: a trip to the beach is fantastic, what’s not, is all the sand all over your car once you pile the kids in. All you need to do is sprinkle some powder all over their body, and then magically dust away the sand so that it falls onto the pavement and not your newly vacuumed car seat.
  • Detangling spray: if your kids have typically knotty hair, especially if you’re at the beach, haveing a bottle of detangling spray or leave in conditioner will change your life. Once your little one has finished swimming, spritz some product into their hair, when you get home later, it will be so much easier to comb through.


And there you have it, some pretty simple ways to make packing your kids swimming bag a lot less stressful and a whole lot more useful. What are your top tips when it comes to swimming bags?